[show_slider name=”andiecase”] Meet Andie Case One of our Breaking Bands  Andie Case has burst onto the scene garnering over 56 million ...

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Andie Case


[show_slider name=”setthecharge”] Meet Set The Charge One of our Breaking Bands  After the success of Ten Second Songs, the two-piece th...

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Set The Charge


[show_slider name=”sick-of-sarah”] Meet Sick of Sarah One of our Breaking Bands Their “strong-voiced punky girl-rock” vibe ha...

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Sick of Sarah


[show_slider name=”runaground”] Meet RUNAGROUND One of our Breaking Bands Andy Kirk started playing drums in the bedroom of his Tennessee...

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[show_slider name=”santa-cruz”] Meet Santa Cruz One of our Breaking Bands Santa Cruz is a Finnish modern hard rock band formed on the hot...

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Santa Cruz


Meet Dave Navarro One of our Mentors Dave Navarro is an American guitarist, singer-songwriter and actor. He is best known as a founding member of t...

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Dave Navarro


Meet Belinda Carlisle One of our Breaking Band mentors Belinda Carlisle is part of The Go-Go’s,  the most successful female group of all time....

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Belinda Carlisle


Meet Moby One of our Breaking Band mentors Moby is one the most successful electronic dance artists known mostly for bringing electronic music to the...

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Meet Sebastian Bach One of our Breaking Band mentors Sebastian Bach rose to fame as the frontman for Skid Row in the 80’s. Sebastian has sold ov...

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Sebastian Bach


Meet Robin Zander One of our Breaking Band mentors Robin Zander is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for one of the most covered bands of all ti...

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Robin Zander